Heart-felt Virtual Resilience Training

I know how important work is to your life, and understand that there is never a good time to go to the gym. That is why I am introducing a new way for to take advantage of Resilience Training™ whenever you can. I can train you at any time remotely, through a desktop, a tablet, even your phone! Now you can maintain your work schedule and professional life without missing a beat by using remote training sessions for anything: fitness, meditation, stress relaxation techniques.

Corporate Training

Companies are finding out that healthier employees save money. Healthier employees reduce health insurance costs, reduce lost work time, and reduce workplace injuries. I can design a program that fits your needs to meet whatever employee fitness challenges your company is facing. My corporate wellness programs are flexible and depend entirely on your needs. Typical programs might include:

  • Fitness counseling
  • Webinars
  • Exercise videos
  • Classes
  • Seminars
  • On Site