Keep Musicians Playing

Experts in playing-related pain and improving performance

KMP Vision

  • To keep musicians playing.

KMP Mission

Our mission is to empower every musician to overcome their playing-related injuries through quality healthcare and exercise so that they can excel and achieve all of their music related goals and aspirations.

Through Dr. Wascow’s studies and some techniques he’s learned over his career, we have found a solution to the treatment of playing-related pain in musicians. This, married with Ms. Allen’s deep knowledge of exercise, strength, and conditioning, results in musicians having the endurance to play longer and more importantly, to stay out of pain.

Therapist Team

Hadley Allen

  • Juilliard Violist
  • ACE (Council of Exercise Certification).
  • 200 hour RYT (Yoga Alliance – Registered Yoga Teacher).
  • Poliquin Strength and Conditioning Bio-mechanics – 4 Year  Certification).
  • Certified nutrition Counselor.
  • Pilates Certification.
  • Creator of Resilience Training ™ by Hadley Allen.

Hadley Allen


Dr. John A. Wascow DC, CKTP

  • JW Center for Spinal Health Inc.
  • Board Certified Chiropractor
  • Acupuncture
  • Fascial Manipulation trained