Your Best You!

My name is Hadley Allen. I am a professional and experienced personal trainer and fitness coach. I am located in Evanston Illinois, Chicago's north shore area.

I'm available for in person or virtual coaching via zoom. I look forward to meeting with you about your physicals fitness needs.

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor.

  • Yoga instructor (200 RYT by Yoga Alliance).

  • Pilates instructor.

  • Nutrition counselor.

  • Poliquin Strength and Conditioning Bio-mechanics 4 year certification.

Thumbs Up

As an ex-professional athlete and a long time NCAA Division 1 collegiate coach my fitness level is an important part of my life. Unfortunately a hectic work schedule kept me from working out on a regular basis for several years and I was finally fed up with my general lack of condition and thus sought out Hadley Allen. I have now worked with Hadley for over three months and am absolutely amazed at what she has done for me in such a short time. Her ability to quickly analyze my deficiencies and address them was most impressive. I have been associated with a dozen strength coaches over the 30 years of my career but she has demonstrated to me a unique ability to tailor her programming to what the client needs, wants and is capable of handling and at the same time safely pushing and encouraging growth. The consummate professional she has been a true pleasure to work with and can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me. As an example my increased flexibility has added 25 yards to my drives on the golf course and to be honest it really wasn’t a goal of mine. Our program has produced over 25 professional players in the last 10 years, including Yankee centerfielder Curtis Granderson, and we have already begun to integrate some of her programming. Thanks Hadley! Mike Dee Head Baseball Coach University of Illinois-Chicago
- Mike Dee

World Class Fitness Expert

Hadley is a world class fitness expert. She is a compassionate motivator who uses science to devise the perfect exercise regimen that is safe and effective. I began seeing Hadley with severe limitations due to back pain. Instead of avoiding working out, Hadley focused on strengthening my back and core in ways no other trainer had ever attempted. I can now work out with almost no limitations, and my back has never felt better. Hadley is a star.
- Daniel

My Mind Is Clear

I have been searching for ages for a personal trainer who listened to what my body needed and not what they wanted my body to be. I've been working with Hadley for several months now and have built muscle, found long lost energy, lost weight, gained confidence and most importantly am now almost back pain free. In a short time, my body has been strengthened, my mind has become clearer and I have become more focused as to how I can continue to improve my daily workouts and eating habits. I look forward to the positivity Hadley brings to every workout, her energy to our time together and how my body is being transformed every day. She knows her stuff, is passionate about her clients and is always pushing me to be the best me.
- Laurie

I Have Great Results

If you are looking to get into shape, lose weight, or strengthen your core (especially after an injury) then Hadley Allen is the right person to meet your needs. I decided to meet with Hadley after several years of struggling with weight management, back pain and a very weak core. Through careful instruction and strength training Hadley has helped strengthen my core and miraculously my back pain has gone away!! I believe this is the DIRECT result of Hadley having an extensive knowledge of the musculature system. Since I have been working with Hadley I have seen great results. She is a wonderful motivator and Hadley has a very special way of pushing me just when I think I can do no more. I always leave my workout sessions with her feeling amazing!! I highly recommend Hadley Allen to anyone who is looking to feel better physically and that in turn will make anyone emotionally happier too!!!
- Jorie

Compassionate and Motivational

Hadley takes the time to explain the science behind the workouts, and to develop intelligently customized training programs that achieve results. In less than 2 months working with Hadley, my strength, stamina and energy have improved significantly. Hadley is both compassionate and motivational, which made it easy for me to actually start training after years of just talking about it. If you are on the fence, or you have reservations about participating in a training program for the first time, give Hadley a chance--you won't regret it.
- Marc

Hadley Is Terrific

You won't be disappointed, Hadley is terrific! Hadley's professionalism distinguishes her from other trainers I've known. It's not just about the hour you spend with her in the gym, her goal is to help you develop better habits outside of the gym to help you achieve your fitness goals.
- Kathryn

Highly Recommend Seeing Her

Best gym experience I ever had. Hadley is a great trainer that guaranties to improve whatever you need to work on. Highly recommend seeing her if you want to improve your lifestyle. Hadley is amazing at improving your weak spots. I had a bad back since I was little, and I am a future college soccer player and she helped me improve my game tremendously and relieve pain in my back! I highly recommend working with Hadley.
- Jake

She Has A Sharp Mind

Hadley has been my personal trainer for the last several months and she is absolutely phenomenal! It's consistently a challenging workout that I know improves my fitness in a way I could never accomplish on my own. She has a deep understanding of what it will take to accomplish my goals and knows exactly how far to push me. And, she has a sharp mind and competitive nature - all while not being over-the-top. I recommend you try her!
- Mark

Tremendously Helpful

Hadley was tremendously helpful in developing weak spots that I did not know existed. This work led to increased performance at CrossFit and also reduced an acid reflux problem. I am happy to strongly recommend Hadley to anyone serious about improving their fitness and their lifestyle.
- Sean

You Can Tell Right Away That She Cares

Having a Holistic business for 15 years, I am very critical of Trainers and if they are anatomically correct and specific enough with their exercises/programs to address goals and physical needs. Hadley's experience absolute shows. Not only in her personal commitment in each session, but her ability to tailor sessions for therapeutic goals or sport specific goals. The sessions fly by with variety and pace and spirit. You can tell right away that she cares and is personally invested in you getting the most out of your sessions and programs. Don't look anywhere else!
- Pierre

Best In The Business

Hadley is the best in the business. Committed to the health and happiness of her clientele and worth every penny.
- Amy

Kept Me On Track

I can honestly say that I owe my physical health and much of my emotional well being to Hadley Allen’s expert training as well as her unwavering kindness and good nature. Hadley certainly has a keen knowledge of physiology and workout regimens which she uses to good advantage to help both the physically inept and the physically adept. She continually works to improve her skills and learn more about human mechanics and how to motivate. But more then that, Hadley employs an intuitive and wholistic approach that uniquely suits each client. She fosters a bond with each person that allows her to work with young and old alike, even bringing physical health and conditioning to seniors over 80. Hadley pushes just right when we lag, keeps track of our progress, adjusts workouts to accommodate and strengthen weak points, takes care with warm ups and cool downs and offers the gift of healing massage when needed. In the 4+ years I have worked with Hadley she has built my physical strength, balance, stamina and confidence without injury. She has filled those hours with heartfelt encouragement and intelligent conversation. I am proud to call her my trainer, but also my life coach and friend. I am so lucky to have found her.
- Sue

I Owe My Fitness And Stamina

Hadley Allen has been my trainer for a number of years. Without her expertise, I would be a very old twisted woman shuffling in pain with a very uncomfortable feeling in each of my old joints. I am 86 and 1/2 years old. I am very active, walking my feisty Schnauzer for one or two hours, traveling in the states, and to Europe many times during the year, always walking pain free. It is because of Hadley’s ability, and sensitivity to my needs to make certain I have the correct treatment to remain flexible, and comfortable. I am proud to walk as fast as my very tall grandsons; they don’t need pause for me to “catch up.” I can do flights of stairs with ease, and I am never breathless after the “climb.” I can thank Hadley for my ability to continue the life style of my youth. I am thrilled to be able to manage all my activities without the stress of age. Hadley is able to evaluate what is important for my well being. I am grateful to have such an expert advocate for my youthful life. Needless to say, I am the envy of my friends. Without Hadley’s remarkable talents I would be as weak, and as inactive as are they, always shuffling, and taking pain pills. Hadley is constantly studying, and adding important features to the work we do, Hadley is a kind, sensitive, and a very intelligent person with a marvelous sense of humor. I am delighted to be her friend. How fortunate am I!!
- Sarita Warshawsky

Power Of Healing

Hadley Allen has been my trainer since March 2006. During that time, I have benefitted enormously from her training. I came to Hadley with a bad back and sore knees. Today, I am virtually pain-free. Previous to working out with Hadley, I consulted a PT. Hadley incorporated these exercises into our routine and added many more complementary ones. She has an intimate knowledge of how the human body works and what muscle groups to target. I have tone where I never knew there was tone available! Although I may not want to work out every day, I am never bored with Hadley. Even after three years, she comes to our sessions with new exercises and creative ways to work my body.She incorporates cardio, weight training, yoga, pilates etc. into every session. At one point, we had to work out in my apartment. With no equipment, she made our time fun and challenging. Hadley has a lovely personality. She cares deeply about her work, her clients and their specific issues. She is always happy to entertain me with a funny story or share her thoughts on the current book she is reading while she is making me sweat. She is extremely professional and has an enormous amount of integrity. Working with Hadley is now part of my life-long routine. I feel physically stronger now than any other time in my life. I also have a solid sense of well-being. I would recommend her to anyone.
- Stephanie Comer

Home Training

It is an honor to write a recommendation for Hadley Allen, a personal trainer. For almost two years it has been a privilege to have Hadley in my home to train me. I am a 58 year old woman who was, throughout my life, un-athletic and uncoordinated. I also lacked any confidence in my ability to participate in and sustain any physical fitness. In 2007 my husband moved his office home and decided to put a gym in a formally unused space. He bought all the necessary high tech exercise machines as well as mats, weights, balls and a ballet bar. He insisted I join him in his endeavor, I wanted to encourage him but I didn’t have a clue where to begin. I decided to enlist the services of Hadley whom I was fortunate to find through a friend. From the day she walked into my home, my physical fitness and life has changed: First, it is always a pleasure to see her smiling face even as she puts me through a rigorous routine. Secondly, she is so knowledgeable about the body and can always change up an exercise to adapt to the emotional and physical mood of the day. Third and most importantly, she has given me the confidence and inspiration to do the exercises on my own. I always look forward to working with Hadley.
- Pamela and Rick

Ironman Athelete

Hadley Allen is the consummate professional whose knowledge of her craft is surpassed only by her passion and tireless desire to help her clients achieve all their fitness goals. I’ve been an active runner and triathlete for over 10 years and have always been comfortable in all three phases of the sport. But nagging injuries, and constant soreness, fatigue and inadequate core strength seemed to limit my performance. It wasn’t til I started working with Hadley that I realized how much I needed her functional strength regimen to overcome my deficiencies. I’ve been working with Hadley multiple times a week for almost 10 months and she definitely made a difference in all three elements of triathlon: improved mechanics and efficiency on the swim, increased power output on the bike and faster run splits. More importantly, her training has given me the added strength and flexibility to avoid the injuries and fatigue that always came during the grueling hours of mid-season triathlon training. As a time constrained Ironman triathlete I have many training needs and not a lot of time. Hadley always knows exactly what I need and is able to deliver it every day. There aren’t enough hours in my day to accommodate much activity outside the standard swim, bike run workouts, but I now consider Hadley’s functional strength training an irreplaceable part of my weekly routine. Aside from actually completing my triathlons for me, she’s given me all the tools to succeed…..hopefully in Kona some day!
- Michael Loerhke


I have had several trainers throughout my fitness quest, and Hadley Allen is by far the best trainer I have ever had! Her holistic approach to fitness is absolutely life changing. She incorporates meditation, science, and nutrition. Thus, when your not working out, your metabolic rate is high, you are eating healthy and not falling into bad habits like stress eating. You will work out in different settings such as in the gym, outside at parks, baseball fields, football fields, tracks, and hills. Hadley will guide you in growing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Hadley is a first class lady who genuinely cares about her clients. Rest assured she will impact your life significantly. If you are looking for a phenomenal trainer look no further than, HADLEY ALLEN!!!
- George

Yoga Meditation

Hadley's mindful methods ground even the most wandering mind.
- Bill