No Yo Yo Diets

Generally, the concept of a trainer gaining 70 lbs is unheard of. Not only are trainers obligated to help their clients through their weight loss journey, but they also act as role models and inspiration for those looking to adopt a fit lifestyle.  Trainer Drew Manning, however, broke this stereotype. In a year’s time, he managed to gain, and then lose, 70 lbs in order to better relate to his clients.

Drew isn’t the only one to have tried such a weight feat; many actors and actresses endure the same rapid size fluctuation to better portray their assigned role in movies and television shows. However, this isn’t something to try at home. Drew is a professional educated in how to appropriately lose weight and celebrities are armed with teams of health experts. In fact, such “yo-yo dieting” can often result in negative consequences.

To begin with, not only does rapid weight gain result in external changes like an enlarged figure laden with stretch marks but it more critically takes a toll on the internal system. High blood pressure and a strain on the organs can result from the increased weight. If done incorrectly, hasty weight loss can have an equally concerning result.

Shocking to many, fad diets often produce moodiness, fatigue, gallstones, and sagging skin. Even more astounding is that once completing the ‘miracle diet’, many people often quickly regain the weight they lost and more. Studies have proven that healthy eating and regular exercise are the two key components of a long-lasting fit lifestyle and physique.