Limit Soy in Your Diet

Limit Soy in Your Diet

Consider these problems soy presents to your diet and why it’s a good idea to limit your intake.

Reason 1 – Toxicity

  • Soy increases your toxic load; it is one of the most sprayed crops. Their high content of pesticides increases your ever-increasing toxic load. In addition, aluminum content skyrockets while processing.

Reason 2 – Potential Hypothyroidism

  • Soy contains goitragens, which are compounds that facilitate hypothyroidism. To learn more about fighting hypothyroidism, attend one of y Biosignature Modulation seminars.

Reason 3 – Blocking Mineral Absorption

  • Soy has a high content of phytates, which are known to inhibit the absorption of both macro-minerals (i.e. calcium) and trace minerals (i.e. zinc). The good news is that the meat consumption blocks phytates. If you are going to eat tofu, make sure to eat some meat during the same meal.

Reason 4 – Link to Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Soy-based infant formulas are linked to ADD. They contain 80 times more manganese than breast milk. Too much manganese content is linked to neurotoxicity.

Reason 5 – Increased Cardiovascular Load

  • Hemaglutinin is found in soybeans. This compound is known to make red blood cells aggregate, therefore increasing your cardiovascular load.

If you are not convinced, read Dr. Kaayla Daniel’s book, The Whole Soy Story.