Three More Tips from Hadley

Three More Tips from Hadley

1st tip

  • Become familiar with Human Growth Hormone, which I call the True Fountain of Youth!
  • Human Growth Hormone also known as (hGH) is the BEST fat-burning, anti-aging, and muscle building- hormone your body produces. Two ways to help your body naturally release this magic fountain of youth is through weight training and putting intense intervals into your cardio plan. The next time you are lifting weights, try changing your repetition speed to a quick slow rhythm. Lift the weight over your head in one count then lower in four counts repeat three to four times.
  • It is this slow part that really challenges and helps signal your body to break down the muscle tissue and build back stronger. That is the reason you want to lift weights to exhaustion or fatigue. It signals your body to prepare for the next time you lift weights.

2nd tip

  • Conducting intervals during your cardio will also trigger hGH. Try doing sprint intervals and cutting down your cardio time to 30 intense minutes, instead of a steady state of 45 minutes or more. An intervals looks like this; 30 seconds at 3 times your previous intensity, then come back  to steady state pace for 1to 2 minutes of recovery. Do this formula until you have finished 10 x 30 second sprints, alternating with the 2 minutes of stead state pace.

3rd Tip

  • Plan ahead that day what you are going to eat, by preparing 6 chicken breasts at a time.
  • Then wrap them individually and put them in your fridge at work or home. I suggest having a protein source every two and half hours.
  • Chicken breast is ready to go at 10am, instead of going for the vending machine snack.