Testimonial from Ironman Athlete Michael Loerhke

Testimonial from Ironman Athlete Michael Loerhke

Hadley Allen is the consummate professional whose knowledge of her craft is surpassed only by her passion and tireless desire to help her clients achieve all their fitness goals.  I’ve been an active runner and triathlete for over 10 years and have always been comfortable in all three phases of the sport. But nagging injuries, and constant soreness, fatigue and inadequate core strength seemed to limit my performance.

It wasn’t til I started working with Hadley that I realized how much I needed her functional strength regimen to overcome my deficiencies.  I’ve been working with Hadley multiple times a week for almost 10 months and she definitely made a difference in all three elements of triathlon: improved mechanics and efficiency on the swim, increased power output on the bike and faster run splits.

More importantly, her training has given me the added strength and flexibility to avoid the injuries and fatigue that always came during the grueling hours of mid-season triathlon training. As a time constrained Ironman triathlete I have many training needs and not a lot of time.  Hadley always knows exactly what I need and is able to deliver it every day. There aren’t enough hours in my day to accommodate much activity outside the standard swim, bike run workouts, but I now consider Hadley’s functional strength training an irreplaceable part of my weekly routine.

Aside from actually completing my triathlons for me, she’s given me all the tools to succeed…..hopefully in Kona some day!

Michael Loerhke

37 years old completed over 4 ironman events.